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10 Local Link Building Tips for 2016

Building links for local businesses often requires a different strategy from traditional link building. Columnist Greg Gifford offers actionable tips that you can put to use right now. The conference season has kicked in already, and I’ve been overwhelmed with how many businesses have been asking for more local link building tips. I wrote a…

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Brand name bidding: should you buy ads for your brand terms?

Earlier today I wanted to visit Taskrabbit, so typed the brand name into Google to navigate my way to its website. Wow, Taskrabbit is so good they listed it twice! Obviously the top listing is a paid search ad, although perhaps that’s not so obvious to the 40% of people who don’t know that these…

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The Problem(s) With Location-Based Tracking

Columnist Andrew Shotland finds most local ranking solutions to be lacking for a number of reasons. Is there any way to solve this problem? Google likes to return local pack/maps results based on the user’s physical location; however, there is often a lot of wiggle room. Google always thinks I am one city over, for example.On top of…

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