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How to Use the Google AdWords Search Terms Report

One of the most important aspects to consider for your AdWords strategy is making sure users are only clicking on your ads if they are actually qualified leads. In other words, when the ad comes up, it was actually what the user was searching for in the first place. Read Complete Article Here

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10 Things Google Loves to See on Every Website

#1: Mobile Friendliness #2: Sitemaps #3: Robots.txt, Canonical Tags, and Pagination #4: Site Speed #5: SSL Certificates #6: Structured Markup #7: Good Content Quality #8: Citing Your Links #9: Make It Social #10: Titles and Meta Descriptions Read More

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New AdWords service makes it easy to send texts consumers will actually read

Nobody likes receiving junk texts – but what if a potential customer indicated they wanted to hear from you? That appears to be Google Inc.’s thinking behind click-to-message ads, a new AdWords feature that invites consumers to send SMS text messages to companies that provide products or services they might be interested in using. Read…

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Fixing Five Common Google Analytics Setup Mistakes

Google Analytics can help your business flourish, but only if you get the setup right. Who wants to take decisions on incomplete or inaccurate data? The first, crucial part is getting the setup right to implement and configure Google Analytics in line with your business objectives. Read Full Article

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AdWords Smart Goals: not a smart move for advertisers

I think it’s safe to say that many of us PPC professionals disagree with Smart Goals for various reasons – and think this new offering from AdWords is just downright dumb. Let’s look a little closer at what I believe the issues to be, and I’ll end on a positive note by highlighting something interesting…

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How to prove your mobile site or app will deliver ROI

No mobile project should get the green light until there has been a thorough economic feasibility assessment to evaluate if the potential benefits will exceed the costs of developing, promoting and running it. Conducting an economic feasibility study, which determines if your mobile site, web app or native app will deliver return on investment (ROI),…

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