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  •  We believe in measuring results and making adjustments that lead to getting more bang for your buck.  Not just driving 'interest' or 'clicks'.


  • We believe in a fair pricing model that does not go counter to your interests.



About Roy Stock, President of WebZing.net

In 1996, the early early years of the Internet, Roy worked for a small 3-person startup e-commerce site.  From 1996 to 2001 Roy was a key executive helping the company grow from $0 to $250 million and a NASDAQ listing. Over the next 14 years, Roy was a Director of E-Commerce for a large laptop company, ran the Internet division of the OCRegister.com (one of the largest newspaper companies in the country), Regional Manger for ReachLocal (large advertising agency) with 30 Internet Marketing Consultants reporting to him and managing over $6 million of annual Pay-Per-Click budgets, in Senior Management for ThomasNet.com and finally as Founder and President of Webzing.net

Throughout his career, Roy developed a tremendous amount of digital marketing knowledge but also advertising and business skills that he passes on to his clients.


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